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United States Grand Prix 2021 results

The United States was another dramatic race as Hamilton and Verstappen went head to head again. This time it was Verstappen and Red Bull that rolled the dice by pitting early and getting track position over Hamilton. Hamilton stayed out longer before his second stop and then tried to chase down Verstappen in the closing stages of the race. It was a tense finish and Hamilton got close but it was Verstappen who took the win ahead of Hamilton, PĂ©rez and Leclerc.

In RealityF1 it was Meluncia and Simon Rice who won the Reality F1 United States Grand Prix. The team to have was Verstappen, Russell, Ferrari and Williams.

In the 2021 RealityF1 Championship, SmithyB_03 holds on to the lead for another race.

In the league competition, Petrolheads hold the lead. Finland stay in first place in the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The next race is the Mexican Grand Prix on 7th November.

Posted by: Kieren on 24th October 2021


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