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Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2022 results

The second race of the 2022 season was another exciting event. With Perez starting on pole, followed by the two Ferraris and then Verstappen the Grand Prix was set up nicely. Perez led Leclerc until his first pit stop but unluckily the safety car was deployed immediately after the stop …

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Posted by: Kieren on 27th March 2022

Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 results

The 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix was a very exciting race. Having qualified on pole Leclerc took an early lead but Verstappen closed him down at the first pit stops and then the lead changed hands several times before Leclerc came out on top again. Leclerc maintained a comfortable gap following …

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Posted by: Kieren on 20th March 2022

Welcome to Reality F1 2022

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2022 season!

There are a lot of technical changes to the cars this season and I'm launching the game after just three days of pre-season testing, so it's difficult to say which teams are looking good. It would be …

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Posted by: Kieren on 8th March 2022

Changes to Reality F1 2022

The 2022 F1 season will begin with the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 20th March. I plan to launch the game for 2022 soon but I thought it might be helpful to outline a few changes I plan to make following some rule clarifications/changes within F1 itself.

  • In F1 there …

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Posted by: Kieren on 2nd March 2022