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2021 Country championship standings

Country championship standings following race number 1 out of 23.
Last race: Bahrain Grand Prix 2021

Pos Country Players Points (STD DEV) Change
1 Finland 6 114.75 (21.57) -
2 United Kingdom 120 112.91 (15.62) -
3 Portugal 9 106.83 (13.97) -
4 United States 5 105.90 (14.67) -

Only countries with three or more players will appear in this list (unless the season hasn't started).

Standard Deviation (STD DEV) is a measure of how spread out the data are. In this case, the lower the standard deviation the closer the individual team championship points are to the average points (mean) for the country league - and vice versa.

Change highlights the change in position (in the country championship) of a country league since the last race.