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Australian Grand Prix 2019 results

The Australian Grand Prix was a dominant one-two for Mercedes but, for once, it was Bottas who had the better weekend. He started second but beat Hamilton off the line and was then untroubled for the rest of the race. Ferrari have been left wondering where their pre-season pace has gone as Verstappen finished third with Vettel fourth and Leclerc fifth. Further down the field both Gasly and Stroll made up quite a few places following, at least in the case of Gasly, a disappointing qualifying.

A great weekend for Bottas and a strong race for Stroll took ALEXISPORT to the top spot in the Reality F1 Australian Grand Prix. As this is the first race of the season the results for the Australian Grand Prix are also the current championship standings.

As the season is now underway you can see the team components of other players and also see a breakdown of your own scores. We have also generated your predicted world rank following this event. However, you now only have three free team changes for the remainder of the season. You can make as many changes you want but, after your three free changes, 20 championship points will be deducted for any further changes.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The second race of the season, Bahrain, is on 31st March.

Posted by: Kieren on 17th March 2019

Fastest lap clarification

As you may be aware, F1 will award a championship point for the fastest lap set during the race as long as that driver finishes in the top ten. A few of you have asked if this late change will affect RealityF1 this season.

My plan for this year is to stick with the current scoring regarding fastest laps as points are already awarded for them in RealityF1. So, to recap, the driver who gets the fastest lap gets five points (and that means 2.5 points for the relevant car) but only RF1 teams with those components would get any benefit from the points.

I will be reviewing this for the 2020 season but I also have a number of other ideas for next season.

Posted by: Kieren on 12th March 2019

One week to go until the start of the 2019 season

The 2019 F1 season begins with the Australian Grand Prix on the 17th March and that means there's just one week to register your RealityF1 team if you want to score points in all 21 rounds of the 2019 championship.

If you played last year you don't need to re-register, you just need to log in (using the details you used last year) and create your team. If you've created your team already then don't forget to invite your friends. Just get them to visit the site and select Sign up.

Posted by: Kieren on 8th March 2019

Welcome to Reality F1 2019

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2019 season!

Pre-season testing has been as unclear as usual and it's hard to work out the current pecking order. Many people feel that Ferrari currently have the fastest package but have Mercedes been keeping something in reserve? We also don't know how well the Red Bulls will go with their Honda engines nor what developments will be added to all the cars before the first race.

In terms of the RealityF1 competition I've kept the budget for teams at £70M and there are over 6,600 possible team combinations.

Over the last few seasons I've noticed that players find it difficult to close a gap on other players during the course of a season. Based on a suggestion from Gary (many thanks Gary) I've reduced the cost of championship changes (after you've used your three changes) to 20 points (from 50 points). The thinking behind this change is that there is still a 'cost' to changing your team many times but this cost is smaller and, if you make a good choice in your new team, you can recover the cost fairly quickly.

The deadline for team entries (or changes to team components for the coming race) is 12 midnight GMT on the FRIDAY before a race. So, in order to be eligible to score points in all 21 rounds of the 2019 season you will need to register a team before 12 midnight GMT on Friday 15th March 2019. You can join after this date but won't score points for missed races.

If you played last season then you just need to log in and you can create your new team. If you've not played before then you'll need to sign up.

Game on!

Posted by: Kieren on 2nd March 2019

Reducing the data retention period

When someone stops playing Reality F1 we remove your personal data (primarily your email address - see the data retention policy). Sometimes players just forget to create a team for the current season so we have previously used a "grace period" so that players could forget to create a team but then come back a season or more later. I'd originally set this as five seasons but, in retrospect, that seems too long. So, from this season, I'm going to reduce the retention period so that user data is deleted if:

  • A player did not play last season, and
  • the player has not logged in within the last 12 months

This change won't affect anyone who played during 2018. However, if you did not play last season but plan to play this year then all you need to do is log in between now and when the game launches for the new season.

Posted by: Kieren on 30th January 2019

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