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F1 launches Virtual Grand Prix series

In light of the impact of COVID-19 on the F1 season, Formula 1 has launched an e-sports series of Virtual Grand Prix. These races will include current F1 drivers as well as other sports starts (such as Chris Hoy and Ian Poulter).

The Virtual Grand Prix will take place on the same weekends as postponed races, starting with the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 22nd March. The races can be viewed on YouTube, Twitch and the official F1 website.

Posted by: Kieren on 22nd March 2020

Season 2020 update

F1 has announced that the Monaco Grand Prix has been cancelled and the Spanish and Dutch Grand Prix have been postponed. The Australian, Bahrain and Vietnam Grand Prix have already been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

At this time it is hoped that the F1 season will start with the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on 7th June. However, the situation is still changing and so we will have to wait and see how things develop.

Posted by: Kieren on 19th March 2020

Australian Grand Prix cancelled

The season opening Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled amid health concerns related to COVID-19. The cancellation of the event means that the season should now start at the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 22nd of March. However, this event was already due to take place behind closed doors and the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix must place the Bahrain Grand Prix in doubt also. The Chinese Grand Prix has already been postponed.

In terms of the RealityF1 competition the game will remain in a pre-season state until the start of the season, whenever that is. During this time players can change their team as many times as they like without using up their free team changes.

Posted by: Kieren on 12th March 2020

Welcome to Reality F1 2020

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2020 season!

As usual, pre-season testing has presented a confusing view of the current pecking order. I think we can be fairly certain that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are at the sharp end but the midfield will be interesting. The Racing Point has raised a few eyebrows as it looks so similar to the Mercedes from 2019. Can McLaren continue their resurgence from last season and bridge the gap from the midfield to the front runners? And will we ever know what's in the agreement between Ferrari and the FIA regarding their engine from last year?

We may not be able to glean much from testing but we're also entering a season without knowing how many races will take place. With COVID-19 already leading to the Chinese Grand Prix being postponed it's not clear how many other races will be affected.

In terms of the RealityF1 competition I've kept the budget for teams at £70M and there are over 6,500 possible team combinations. I've also kept the cost of championship changes (after you've used your three changes) to 20 points.

The deadline for team entries (or changes to team components for the coming race) is 12 midnight GMT on the FRIDAY before a race. So, in order to be eligible to score points in all rounds of the 2020 season you will need to register a team before 12 midnight GMT on Friday 13th March 2020. You can join after this date but won't score points for missed races.

If you played last season then you just need to log in and you can create your new team. If you've not played before then you'll need to sign up.

Game on!

Posted by: Kieren on 3rd March 2020

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 and final results

Abu Dhabi was a dominant performance from Hamilton who ends the season with 11 wins. Verstappen finished second with Leclerc third. Bottas drove from the back of the grid to fourth.

In RealityF1, the RF1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a 12 way tie! The team to have for this race was Bottas, Albon, Red Bull Racing and McLaren.

The 2019 RealityF1 Championship was won by Rattler, congratulations Rattler you become the nineteenth RealityF1 Champion! Rattler moved up to the top spot in the final race with ccsmse falling to second and Tom Sykes third. Muncher was the top ranked rookie player (someone playing RealityF1 for the first time) in joint 16th.

In the league competition, NESTF1 took the top spot and with it their third league championship.

In the country league competition it was New Zealand who took victory from Finland and Portugal. Finland carry on their impressive run having not been outside of the top three since 2011.

As the season has now ended I have updated the player rankings (a leaderboard of all the players who've contested a RealityF1 season since the game started in 2001). The top ranking player, for the second year running, is Gary ahead of Keith.

As usual, I'm keen to hear any feedback you may have on the game so I can continue to improve it so please email me your views and suggestions for the future.

The site will re-open on Monday and, although you won't be able to create a team for the new season yet, you will still be able to update your profile and account details if you wish (should you change email addresses etc).

RealityF1 will return for the 2020 season. The provisional date for the first race is the 15th March 2020. A month or so before the first race I'll email you to let you know that you can create your team for the coming season.

It only remains for me to thank you for playing RealityF1, I look forward to losing to you again in 2020.

Posted by: Kieren on 1st December 2019

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