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Russian Grand Prix 2019 results

After another thrilling qualifying it looked like we'd have a good race between the Ferraris and the Mercedes. The Ferraris had the edge in qualifying but an interesting tyre strategy from Mercedes meant we were set up for a good race. Sadly it was not to be, aside from Vettel appearing to ignore team orders, the race ended up a straightforward win for Hamilton. With Vettel's car retiring it caused a virtual safety car and allowed Hamilton to pit without losing much time and to take the outright lead which he didn't relinquish. Further down the field it was a great race for Albon who started from the pit lane and finished fifth.

In the RealityF1 competition it was Alan Halford that finished first in the 2019 RealityF1 Russian Grand Prix. The team to have was Sainz jnr, Albon, Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Racing.

In the 2019 RealityF1 Championship ccsmse re-takes the top spot from Rattler.

In the league competition, NESTF1 stay at the top. New Zealand stay in first place in the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The 17th race of the season, the Japanese Grand Prix, is on 13th October.

Posted by: Kieren on 29th September 2019


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