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Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 results

The 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix was a very exciting race. Having qualified on pole Leclerc took an early lead but Verstappen closed him down at the first pit stops and then the lead changed hands several times before Leclerc came out on top again. Leclerc maintained a comfortable gap following the second pit stop but then Gasly retired his AlphaTauri and brought out a safety car. This led to another round of late pit stops and the field bunching up. At the restart Leclerc held onto the lead and Sainz started to close down Verstappen. Verstappen then started to lose pace and was easily passed and he then had to retire. Perez then came under pressure from Hamilton in fourth before the Mexican's car also failed on the final lap. A double retirement for Red Bull was not how they wanted to start the season but the car did look very quick behind the Ferraris. So it was a one-two for Ferrari in Bahrain and Hamilton taking an unlikely third.

In RealityF1 it was a tie between "bulldogs nuts" and "Norfolk and Chance" for the top spot in the Reality F1 Bahrain Grand Prix. The team to have was Leclerc, Tsunoda, Ferrari and AlphaTauri. As this is the first race of the season the results for the Bahrain Grand Prix are also the current championship standings.

As the season is now underway you can see the team components of other players and also see a breakdown of your own scores. We have also generated your predicted world rank following this event. However, you now only have three free team changes for the remainder of the season. You can make as many changes you want but, after your three free changes, 20 championship points will be deducted for any further changes.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The second race of the season, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, takes place on 27th March.

Posted by: Kieren on 20th March 2022


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