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Sprint Race rules

The 2021 British Grand Prix weekend will be the first to include an F1 Sprint Race and two other races are expected to hold Sprint Races in 2021 (the Italian and Brazilian Grand Prix). The rules have now been updated to reflect Sprint Race weekends but I also wanted to summarise the changes here too.

Changes to the main Grand Prix on Sprint Race weekends

The points calculation for the main Grand Prix of the weekend is unchanged but the Grid will be determined by the results of the Sprint Race and not the qualifying session on Friday. However, the cars making it through Q1 will still receive 5 points.

Sprint Race points

Sprint Races will reward fewer points than full Grand Prix as follows:-

  • Qualifying - Cars making it through Q1: 5pts
  • Grid - No Grid points are awarded but the Sprint Race grid is used to calculate places gained/lost
  • Race points:
    • Finish: 10pts
    • Final position:
      1. First: 3pts
      2. Second: 2pts
      3. Third: 1pts
    • Made up a place: 3pts per place
    • Lost a place: -1pt per place
    • Pitstop strategy: No points awarded
    • Fastest lap: No points awarded
  • Medals (and associated points) are not awarded for Sprint Races

Site closure time

I am keeping the cut-off time for team changes as 12 midnight GMT of the Friday before the race. This may lead to some interesting strategy choices as you will be able to change your team after qualifying has taken place on the Friday of a Sprint Race weekend. Team changes are treated as normal changes and count towards your total of three, free, changes per season.

Not set in stone...

Sprint Races are new to F1 and therefore new to RealityF1. If, after the first Sprint Race weekend, there is something that needs changing then I reserve the right to make changes before any subsequent Sprint Races. For example, with the Sprint races awarding fewer points and there still being a points deduction for places lost, it is possible for drivers/teams to end up with negative points. At the moment I consider this part of the game but will monitor the situation. Similarly, if allowing players to change their team after qualifying causes issues then I might change the cut-off time for Sprint Race weekends.

Posted by: Kieren on 4th July 2021


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