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Welcome to Reality F1 2020

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2020 season!

As usual, pre-season testing has presented a confusing view of the current pecking order. I think we can be fairly certain that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are at the sharp end but the midfield will be interesting. The Racing Point has raised a few eyebrows as it looks so similar to the Mercedes from 2019. Can McLaren continue their resurgence from last season and bridge the gap from the midfield to the front runners? And will we ever know what's in the agreement between Ferrari and the FIA regarding their engine from last year?

We may not be able to glean much from testing but we're also entering a season without knowing how many races will take place. With COVID-19 already leading to the Chinese Grand Prix being postponed it's not clear how many other races will be affected.

In terms of the RealityF1 competition I've kept the budget for teams at £70M and there are over 6,500 possible team combinations. I've also kept the cost of championship changes (after you've used your three changes) to 20 points.

The deadline for team entries (or changes to team components for the coming race) is 12 midnight GMT on the FRIDAY before a race. So, in order to be eligible to score points in all rounds of the 2020 season you will need to register a team before 12 midnight GMT on Friday 13th March 2020. You can join after this date but won't score points for missed races.

If you played last season then you just need to log in and you can create your new team. If you've not played before then you'll need to sign up.

Game on!

Posted by: Kieren on 3rd March 2020


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