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Racing Point docked points

Following a protest by Renault at the Styrian, Hungarian and British Grand Prix the FIA investigated the 2020 Racing Point cars. They concluded that the rear brake ducts were based on CAD information from Mercedes, provided when this was allowed in the rules, but as these are fitted to the 2020 Racing Point the current rules were broken. The team were given a €400,000 fine and docked 15 championship points. The drivers kept their points and the team can continue to use the brake ducts.

So how does this affect RealityF1?

The FIA hasn't disqualified Racing Point cars from any races but have punished the team with a fine and a points deduction. However, it's not a points deduction that matches a specific race result. The protest was initially from the Styrian GP where Perez and Stroll scored 8 points and 6 points respectively and that total is less than the 15 docked.

The deduction doesn't result from a disqualification for a specific race and the driver results still stand. In RF1 the team scores are determined by the driver scores and since neither driver was punished it would be very difficult to calculate a fair team score adjustment (if one was appropriate). As such, I'm inclined to leave the RF1 points as they are for the Styrian GP for now on the basis that the drivers keep their results and the record books will show a Racing Point finishing 6th and 7th.

This may change though since Renault, Ferrari and McLaren have already lodged an appeal and Racing Point might also start a counter-appeal.

Posted by: Kieren on 8th August 2020


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