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Welcome to Reality F1 2019

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2019 season!

Pre-season testing has been as unclear as usual and it's hard to work out the current pecking order. Many people feel that Ferrari currently have the fastest package but have Mercedes been keeping something in reserve? We also don't know how well the Red Bulls will go with their Honda engines nor what developments will be added to all the cars before the first race.

In terms of the RealityF1 competition I've kept the budget for teams at £70M and there are over 6,600 possible team combinations.

Over the last few seasons I've noticed that players find it difficult to close a gap on other players during the course of a season. Based on a suggestion from Gary (many thanks Gary) I've reduced the cost of championship changes (after you've used your three changes) to 20 points (from 50 points). The thinking behind this change is that there is still a 'cost' to changing your team many times but this cost is smaller and, if you make a good choice in your new team, you can recover the cost fairly quickly.

The deadline for team entries (or changes to team components for the coming race) is 12 midnight GMT on the FRIDAY before a race. So, in order to be eligible to score points in all 21 rounds of the 2019 season you will need to register a team before 12 midnight GMT on Friday 15th March 2019. You can join after this date but won't score points for missed races.

If you played last season then you just need to log in and you can create your new team. If you've not played before then you'll need to sign up.

Game on!

Posted by: Kieren on 2nd March 2019


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