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Reducing the data retention period

When someone stops playing Reality F1 we remove your personal data (primarily your email address - see the data retention policy). Sometimes players just forget to create a team for the current season so we have previously used a "grace period" so that players could forget to create a team but then come back a season or more later. I'd originally set this as five seasons but, in retrospect, that seems too long. So, from this season, I'm going to reduce the retention period so that user data is deleted if:

  • A player did not play last season, and
  • the player has not logged in within the last 12 months

This change won't affect anyone who played during 2018. However, if you did not play last season but plan to play this year then all you need to do is log in between now and when the game launches for the new season.

Posted by: Kieren on 30th January 2019


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