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Brazilian Grand Prix 2018 results

The Brazilian Grand Prix looked like another win for Verstappen but a collision with Ocon cost Verstappen the win and gifted it to Hamilton. Ocon was attempting to unlap himself but the effort resulted in both he and Verstappen spinning. Hamilton's result and Bottas finishing fifth was enough to secure the Constructors' championship for Mercedes.

In the RealityF1 competition it was an 11-way tie in the 2018 RealityF1 Brazilian Grand Prix. The team to have was Hamilton, Leclerc, Haas and Red Bull Racing.

In the 2018 RealityF1 Championship, with just one race to go, Rob Stone takes the lead from ABrimberry with Josur in third.

In the league competition, ONYX hold on to the lead from Brimberry F1. The United States stays in the top spot for the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The final race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, is on 25th November.

Posted by: Kieren on 11th November 2018


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