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Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 results

The 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix turned into a bit of a thriller as Vettel struggled to hold on to the lead as Bottas closed in. Vettel managed to hold on and the Finn couldn't make it past. This extends Vettel's lead in the championship. Hamilton made an excellent recovery drive to reach third from ninth, in the process producing one of the finest overtakes seen in modern F1 as he passed three cars in short order. Gasly came an impressive fourth for Toro Rosso.

In the RealityF1 competition it was 'Norfolk and Chance' that finished first in the 2018 RealityF1 Bahrain Grand Prix. The team to have was Hamilton, Alonso, McLaren, McLaren.

In the 2018 RealityF1 Championship it's David M that holds on to the top spot ahead of Jasper, Cameron Crew and Peter Willmore-Jones.

In the league competition, FX Plus hold on to the top spot. Portugal holds on to first place in the country league competition.

I've made a few game changes recently including changing the charts used on the site to make them more interactive and useful. I've also added the previous season's pit stop data to the 'component scores' page for that season. For example, here is the data from 2017.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The third race of the season, the Chinese Grand Prix, is on 15th April.

Posted by: Kieren on 8th April 2018


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