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Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018 results

The 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix was an exciting race and it was Hamilton that came away with an unexpected win. The race looked to be Vettel's but, after some fantastic wheel to wheel action, the two Red Bulls collided and brought out the safety car. During the safety car period Grosjean crashed and it also allowed Bottas to pit and stay ahead of Vettel who had pitted before the safety car. At the restart Vettel slid wide whilst attempting to take the lead allowing Hamilton and Räikkönen through. Pérez then passed Vettel. However, Bottas then suffered a puncture due to on-track debris and Hamilton took the lead for the final laps. The final result being Hamilton, Räikkönen and Pérez.

In the RealityF1 competition it was Mgzinha that finished first in the 2018 RealityF1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The team to have was Hamilton, Pérez, Force India, Sauber.

In the 2018 RealityF1 Championship David M holds on to the top spot ahead of Norfolk and Chance, MarkS and pecciolif1.

In the league competition, SL Benfica take the top spot. Portugal holds on to first place in the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The fifth race of the season, the Spanish Grand Prix, is on 13th May.

Posted by: Kieren on 29th April 2018


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