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Welcome to Reality F1 2017

Reality F1, the free Fantasy Formula 1 competition, returns for the 2017 season!

There have been a lot a rule changes since last season and the 2017 cars look very different to the machines we saw in 2016. One of the biggest changes is the return to wide tyres which should increase grip and, therefore, speed. Sadly the Manor team won't be joining the grid for the 2017 season and that's a huge shame and reduces the number of teams to ten.

Setting the component prices has been harder than usual as it's not clear how the various teams are performing in the pre-season tests. Ferrari have looked strong but often run less fuel than other teams such as Mercedes. I've kept the budget for teams at £70M but, as there are now just ten teams, there are roughly 6,000 possible team combinations.

In terms of the Reality F1 competition there are changes that effect pit stops. As mentioned previously on this blog I have clarified the rules regarding pit stops and changed the options for pit stops to include "6 or more" stops. This latter change means that if, for example, there are 7 stops then players selecting "6 or more" will score points. By the start of the season I also expect to have replaced the charts with new charts that are more interactive.

As with last season, I've kept the number of free team changes to three for this year and I will also be running the rookie competition again. Mini-leagues must have a minimum of four members in order to be entered into the competition. However, people can join the league at any point during the season.

The deadline for team entries (or changes to team components for the coming race) is 12 midnight GMT on the FRIDAY before a race. In order to be eligible to score points in all 20 rounds of the 2017 season you will need to register a team before 12 midnight GMT on Friday 24th March 2017. You can join after this date but won't score points for missed races.

If you played last season then you just need to log in and you can create your new team. If you've not played before then you'll need to sign up.

Game on!

Posted by: Kieren on 13th March 2017


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