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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2015 and final results

Nico Rosberg made it three wins in a row as he took a dominant victory in the final race of the season. Hamilton was second and Raikkonen third. Vettel came through from 15th on the grid to finish fourth. It's been a strong end to the season for Rosberg and, with an improving Ferrari, this sets up an interesting prospect for 2016.

In Reality F1, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was won by Sally Brown with a three way tie for second. The team to have for this race was Stevens, Grosjean, Ferrari and Mercedes.

The Reality F1 Championship was won by Wildheart90 who has led the championship for the last four races. Lymbo was second. The highest ranked rookie (someone playing Reality F1 for the first time) was Rattler in fifth. Congratulations Wildheart90, you become the fifteenth Reality F1 Champion!

In the league competition, NEST F1 took the top spot having finished second in the league competition in 2014.

In the country league competition it was Australia who took victory ahead of Finland and the United Kingdom. Finland, winners in 2014, finished second this year and have not been outside of the top two since 2011.

As the season has now ended I have updated the player rankings (a leaderboard of all the players who've contested a Reality F1 season since the game started in 2001). The top ranking player in Reality F1 is Keith having moved up from fifth at the end of last season.

As usual, I'm keen to hear any feedback you may have on the game so I can continue to improve it. I've put together a survey to collect your views and suggestions and if you could complete this short online survey I'd really appreciate it.

During the 'closed season' I'll continue blogging and tweeting F1 news. The site will re-open on Monday and, although you won't be able to create a team for the new season yet, you will still be able to update your profile and account details if you wish (should you change email addresses etc).

Reality F1 will return for the 2016 season. The provisional date for the first race is the 20th March 2016. Approximately a month or so before the first race I'll email you to let you know that you can create your team for the coming season.

It only remains for me to thank you for playing Reality F1, I look forward to playing against you again in 2016.

Posted by: Kieren on 29th November 2015


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