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Malaysian Grand Prix 2014 results

The Malaysian Grand Prix was a dominant race for Mercedes. Hamilton led from lights to flag and Rosberg finished second to produce the first Mercedes one-two in F1 since the 1950s. Vettel finished third and Alonson was fourth. Further down the order there were impressive results for Hulkenberg and both Williams drivers.

In the Reality F1 competition the Malaysian Grand Prix was a four way tie between 1 F in Ferrari, Dan Bennett, Heads.i.Win and tomtrentham. Although it's a four way tie the Reality F1 players actually achieved this with two different teams. The difference coming from which Williams driver they chose and whether they got the pit stop strategy correct.

In the Reality F1 championship Asko has moved up seven places to the top spot. hmelis, the leader after race one, has dropped to second place and tomtrentham has jumped 63 places to third after a great Malaysian GP.

In the league competition, it's The Robbins Family (two times League Championship winners) at the top of the pile. Finland remains the top country.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The third race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, is next weekend (6th April).

Posted by: Kieren on 30th March 2014


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