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Belgian Grand Prix 2014 results

It's back to back victories for Daniel Ricciardo. However, the real talking point will be the collision between Rosberg and Hamilton on lap two of the race. The collision effectively put Hamilton out of the race (and possibly the championship) but Rosberg went on to finish second ahead of Valtteri Bottas.

In the Reality F1 competition the Belgian Grand Prix was a three-way tie between HarryB, Kirsty and Shelley. The team to have for this race was Ricciardo, Bottas, Williams, Force India.

In the Reality F1 championship tomtrentham holds on to the lead with Heads.i.Win in second. Asko jumps 13 places to third.

In the league competition, 'Fighting for second' stay in first place with NESTF1 second and The Robbins Family third. Finland holds on to the top spot in the country league with the United States jumping to second and Australia in third.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The thirteenth race of the season, the Italian Grand Prix, is on 7th September.

Posted by: Kieren on 24th August 2014


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