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Australian Grand Prix 2014 results

It might be a new era for F1 but it's no less dramatic.

The season opener was won in dominant style by Rosberg with Ricciardo finishing second and Magnussen, in his first F1 race, finishing third. After the race Ricciardo's car was deemed to have used fuel at a rate higher than that permitted under the rules and he was excluded from the results. This promoted Magnussen to second and his team mate Button to third. It also meant that Bottas finished in fifth place after a really impressive and combative drive from 15th on the grid.

The fantastic results for Magnussen and Bottas helped, 2009 Reality F1 champion, Danardi to the top spot in the Reality F1 Australian Grand Prix. As this is the first race of the season the results for the Australian Grand Prix are also the current championship standings.

Red Bull have said they will appeal against Ricciardo's exclusion and, if the appeal is successful, I will recalculate the scores.

As the season is now underway you can see the team components of other players and also see a breakdown of your own scores. We have also generated your predicted world rank following this event. However, you now only have three free team changes for the remainder of the season. You can make as many changes you want but, after your three free changes, 50 championship points will be deducted for any further changes.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The second race of the season, Malaysia, is on 30th March.

Posted by: Kieren on 16th March 2014


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