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Canadian Grand Prix 2019 results

The Canadian Grand Prix was, as usual, an exciting and dramatic race. Vettel took pole ahead of Hamilton, and Ferrari did look set for their first race victory of the year. However, as Hamilton closed in on Vettel the Ferrari driver made a mistake and slid off the track. As he rejoined he was judged to have impeded Hamilton and the race stewards awarded a five second penalty to Vettel. So, although Vettel was first to cross the line it was Hamilton, following closely, that was awarded the race victory.

After the race there were chaotic scenes as Vettel didn't go to 'the pen' for interviews and later returned to the pit lane and swapped the finishing boards from Hamilton's car to the space where Vettel's car should've been.

In the RealityF1 competition it was Jim Martin that finished first in the 2019 RealityF1 Canadian Grand Prix. The team to have was Stroll, Ricciardo, Haas, Mercedes.

In the 2019 RealityF1 Championship Muncher holds on to the lead with ALEXISPORT moving into second.

In the league competition, The SHARP League stays in top spot. New Zealand stay in first place in the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The eighth race of the season, the French Grand Prix, is on 23rd June.

Posted by: Kieren on 9th June 2019


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