Reality F1 - Fantasy F1 competition

How to play


Sign up and team creation instructions

Here's what you have to do if you want to play Reality F1:

  1. Read the Rules (this page). The rules contain important scoring information and details of how the game works.
  2. New player or existing player?
    • New player:
      1. Register as a new player by entering an email address, a player name and password (you will need to use your email address and password to log in) in the new player registration form.
      2. When you have completed this information you will be sent an email asking you to confirm and activate your account. Once this is done you can log in and complete your player profile and enter a team.
    • If you played last season, you can log in using the credentials you used last year.
  3. Log in, and then create your team in the Your team section.
    1. Pick two drivers and two cars within a budget of £70 million, you cannot choose the same driver twice but can choose the same car twice.
    2. Decide on a pit stop strategy.
    3. Submit your team.
  4. We....are....go! Visit the web site after each race to see your race score and championship performance. You have until midnight (GMT) the Friday before a race to change your team or pit stop strategy.
    • Pit stop strategy changes are free.
    • You can change major team components (drivers and cars) on three separate occasions at any point during the season for free. Further team changes will incur a 20 point cost.
    • Prior to the first race of the season you can change your team as often as you want without penalty.
  5. Optional - From your player profile page you can also opt to receive email updates on the game and your performance after each race. These emails are limited to race reminders, results emails and the occasional email about game updates. There is no requirement for you to receive these emails and similar updates can be found in the game blog.
  6. Optional - You can set up your own Reality F1 mini-league to compete against friends and colleagues. You can create and be a member of as many mini-leagues as you want - although mini-leagues will only appear in the league listings if your mini-league has at least four players.
    • If you have created or been part of a mini league in previous Reality F1 seasons then you may automatically join the same league this season (although you can opt out of a league or the league owner can also choose to exclude players or not run the league this season).
    • Setting up a mini-league:
      1. Once you've registered as a Reality F1 player and logged in you can set up a mini-league by completing the form in the My Leagues section.
      2. At the end of this process you will be given a web link and an invite code for your league (these will be emailed to you too) either of these can be given to anyone you want to join your mini-league.
      3. New mini-league members must register for Reality F1 first and create a team, they can then either follow the web link you give them or enter the invite code you supplied them with into the form in the My Leagues section. Once this is completed they will be part of your mini-league. Players can join your league at any time.

Drivers & car prices

Drivers Teams
Verstappen £31M
Pérez £27M
Red Bull Racing £29M
Hamilton £26M
Russell £25M
Mercedes £25M
Leclerc £26M
Sainz Jnr £24M
Ferrari £24M
Norris £21M
Piastri £16M
McLaren £19M
Alonso £18M
Stroll £13M
Aston Martin £17M
Gasly £15M
Ocon £14M
Alpine £15M
Albon £13M
Sargeant £11M
Williams £13M
Ricciardo £13M
Tsunoda £12M
RB £12M
Bottas £12M
Zhou £11M
Sauber £12M
Magnussen £11M
Hülkenberg £11M
Haas £11M


  1. A player must select two drivers and two cars within a budget of £70 million. Players cannot choose the same driver twice but may choose the same car. A player must also select a pit stop strategy.
  2. Points are awarded according to the performance of the components of your team during each Grand Prix weekend and your team performance in Reality F1 (see scoring system).
  3. Championship points will be awarded at every race of the 2024 Formula One season. You are strongly encouraged to register your team before the first race of the season: Bahrain Grand Prix (2nd March 2024). Teams registered after the start of the season will be eligible for entry into the championship and can join leagues but will not be awarded points from any races they have missed.
  4. Team entry, team changes and/or changes to your pit stop strategy are permitted until 12 midnight GMT on the Friday before each Grand Prix. In order to enter all races within a season your team must be registered by 12 midnight (GMT) 1st March 2024.
  5. You are allowed to make changes to the major components (drivers and cars) of your team on three separate occasions without incurring a points cost. Subsequent changes will result in 20 championship points being deducted on each occasion. Changes are only counted when the new team has been used in a race. Changes to your pit stop strategy are free and are encouraged. See points table and refer to 4.
  6. Points will be calculated based on the official FIA classifications of drivers/teams during the qualifying sessions and the race.
    1. If a driver is stripped of his points by the FIA after a race any RF1 team containing that driver will also have that driver's points contribution reduced to zero.
    2. If a team is stripped of their points by the FIA after a race any RF1 team containing those cars will also have that team's points contribution reduced to zero.
    3. Points changes may occur retrospectively based on the outcome of any inquiries, appeals or similar. Points will remain provisional until any protest regarding the FIA classification has been settled.
    4. If a race is stopped before reaching ¾ race distance then RealityF1 points will be halved. RealityF1 will not follow the points breakdown for F1 in this instance where points are adjusted based on how much of the race is completed. In RF1 the scores will just be halved if the race did not reach ¾ race distance.
    5. If a race is cancelled or does not take place for any reason then no points will be awarded for that race even if qualifying did take place.
    6. As of 2017, Reality F1 will follow the official FIA race classification for the number of pit stops made by the winning driver under all circumstances. This may, on rare occasions, include visits to the pit lane where tyres are not changed (such as serving penalties or cars following the safety car through the pits).
    7. Sprint Races will no longer be treated as separate races. Points scored for the finishing position in Sprint Races will be added to the scores for the main Grand Prix.
    8. Points will be published as soon as possible after each Grand Prix (usually within 24 hours).
    9. Every effort is made to ensure that the points awarded are accurate.
    10. Appeals against the points awarded can be made by contacting Reality F1. However, please read the scoring system and final, official race classification before lodging an appeal.
    11. In all situations, including any not covered in the rules, the decision of Reality F1 is final.
  7. If a driver moves to another team that driver will remain in your team irrespective of the team he moves to. In the event of a driver being replaced or injured during the season you will score the points earned by his replacement - unless the replacement is currently driving for another team. If this is the case you will score points earned by the driver filling the vacant seat irrespective of the team.
  8. Players must supply all details as required by the entry forms. Reality F1 takes no responsibility for late or lost entries. Your details will not be passed to any other organisation. Further information can be found in the privacy and cookies policy.
  9. You do not have to agree to receive email updates to compete in Reality F1, however all correspondence will be via email.
  10. Reality F1 may change user entered details (such as team names, player names, biographies, league names and league biographies) or limit the functionality available to players within Reality F1 without warning if information entered is deemed likely to cause offence, entered maliciously or found to be associated with a fictitious email address. If details are changed, the player may be notified but Reality F1 is under no obligation to notify you of a change nor offer you the opportunity to choose your own alternative details nor enter into any correspondence regarding the actions taken.
  11. Reality F1 reserves the right to remove and/or ban players from the competition if their behaviour is not in keeping with the spirit of the game (this includes actions covered under 10). Reality F1 is under no obligation to discuss the circumstances surrounding the removal/banning/functionality limitation of a player with that player or any other party. In other words be friendly and remember it's just a game. You should also be familiar with the terms and conditions and privacy and cookies policy.
  12. In the event of circumstances arising outside of our control Reality F1 reserves the right to close the competition at any time.
  13. Only one team is allowed per person/email address. Email addresses must be valid and operational - Reality F1 reserves the right to remove players providing fake credentials.

Scoring system

Driver points are awarded in full. The points awarded for each car will be an average of the Reality F1 points scored by each of the real team's drivers.

Points system for each Grand Prix

Reaching the second qualifying session

Any driver making it out of the first qualifying session (even during a Sprint Race weekend) will receive 5 points.

Grid position

Points are awarded for the first ten positions.

Pole12.5 points
2nd9 points
3rd7.5 points
4th6 points
5th5 points
6th4 points
7th3 points
8th2 points
9th1 point
10th0.5 points

Race result

Points are awarded for the first ten positions.

1st25 points
2nd18 points
3rd15 points
4th12 points
5th10 points
6th8 points
7th6 points
8th4 points
9th2 points
10th1 point

Sprint Race result

Points are awarded for the first eight positions and these are included in points calculations for the main Grand Prix.

1st8 points
2nd7 points
3rd6 points
4th5 points
5th4 points
6th3 points
7th2 points
8th1 point

Additional points

Most importantly: Drivers must finish to score points from the race (including fastest lap points). However, you will still gain qualifying points, if applicable. Retirements are not eligible for point deductions due to lost places except where a retired driver is still classified as a finishing.

In modern F1 strategy is everything, therefore 10 points are awarded for selecting the same pit stop strategy as the winner of the Grand Prix.


Bernie's medal idea might not have made it in to F1 itself but Reality F1 has its own (virtual) medal system. These are awarded at each race and are given to the teams finishing in the top three places, if there's a tie for any position then all teams receive the medal (and points). Medals are awarded after the race points have been calculated and will only affect Championship points so provide a way to close the gap to teams ahead of you in the championship.

Team changes

You are allowed to make changes to the major components of your team on three separate occasions for free. Any subsequent changes will result in 20 Championship points being deducted for each change during the season; you can have a negative score. Changing your pit stop strategy does not cost points and you are encouraged to check your strategy before each race.

Scoring example

Your team features Hamilton. He qualifies second on the grid. He muscles past Verstappen and finishes first; however, Verstappen sets the fastest lap:

Hamilton's score breakdown:
Reaching second qualifying = 5pts
Grid position - 2nd = 9pts
Completes race = 10pts
Makes up a place = 3pts
Finishes first = 25pts
TOTAL = 52pts

Russell qualifies third on the grid but, during the race, his car suffers a mechanical failure - he retires. He scores only 12.5pts.

Therefore the Mercedes team/car score would be:- (52 + 12.5)/2 = 32.25pts.

If you had selected the same pit stop strategy as Hamilton then your team would receive a further 10pts.

If this was a weekend with Sprint Race, Hamilton would have scored an extra 7 points and Russell 6 points more for their performance.

This would mean the totals would then be:
Hamilton = 59pts
Russell = 18.5pts
Mercedes = 38.75pts