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Singapore Grand Prix 2023 results

The Singapore Grand Prix really did deliver excitement in, what you could argue, has been a pretty dull season. For once the Red Bulls struggled and both qualified outside of the top ten. Sainz took pole and seemed to be relatively comfortable in the lead of the grand prix despite a safety car around half race distance. However, it was a late virtual safety car that really spiced things up as both Mercedes cars pitted and then tried to chase down the leaders on fresher tyres. Going in to the last five laps the four leading cars (Sainz, Norris, Russell and Hamilton) were covered by around three seconds. Sainz carefully manipulated the gap between himself and Norris to allow Norris to get DRS but without getting too close to Sainz. This allowed Norris to fend off the charging Mercedes and, in his desire to close the gap, Russell crashed out. This left Sainz the winner, Norris second and Hamilton third in what could be described as a thrilling race amongst a season of dour forgone conclusions.

In RealityF1 Wizzard won the Reality F1 Singapore Grand Prix. The team to have was Norris, Piastri and two McLarens.

In the 2023 RealityF1 Championship, Flying Scotsman holds on to the lead.

In the league competition, Toto Recall move in to the top spot. Finland are in first place in the country league competition.

The site will re-open for team changes tomorrow (Monday). The 16th race of the 2023 season is the Singapore Grand Prix on 24th September.

Posted by: Kieren on 17th September 2023


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