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Driver moves clarified (Sainz Jnr/Palmer/Hartley)

With the recent moves I thought it worth explaining how driver moves affect teams in RealityF1 - for those of you that haven't read the rules ;-)

A recap of the driver moves in real life:

  • Sainz Jnr is moving to Renault
  • Palmer is leaving the sport
  • Hartley is replacing Sainz at Toro Rosso

In RealityF1 driver moves are dealt with by giving priority to drivers that stay within the sport rather than how it affects the F1 teams in real life. So...

  1. If you have a team with Sainz in it you will still score points earned by Sainz even though he now drives for Renault.
  2. If you have a team with Palmer in it you will now score points earned by Hartley even though he drives for Toro Rosso and not Renault as Palmer left the sport (rather than move teams).
  3. Renault points are calculated from the performances of H├╝lkenberg and Sainz. Toro Rosso scores are calculated from performances by Kvyat/Gasly and Hartley.

Posted by: Kieren on 20th October 2017


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