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Celebrating long service and the mid-table

Big Jim Motorsport suggested that I introduce a new award to recognise those players that had played Reality F1 for some time but not achieved the greatness they deserve. I thought this was an excellent idea and so I'm pleased to announce the 'Gurney Flaps award' (Jim's suggested name) to recognise these heroes of the mid-table. The award is now visible on the Championship and World Rank pages and is bestowed on any player that has contested more than 10 seasons of Reality F1 (not necessarily consecutively) but not yet finished in the top 10.

Whilst working on this new award I thought I'd introduce a second award to recognise those players that have been with Reality F1 since the start. These stalwarts of the competition have now been award the 'Grubby Helmet' award - may they wear it with pride.

Posted by: Kieren on 3rd March 2014


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