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Petrolheads - 2024 mini-league details League's news feed

  • League stats
    • Champ. contested: 7
    • Champ. won: 0
    • Best season: 2021 (3rd)
    • Worst season: 2023 (23rd)
    • Previous seasons

Championship standings for the Petrolheads mini-league following race number 4 out of 24.
Last race: Japanese Grand Prix 2024

League breakdown

League position = 30th
Average points = 393.45
Standard deviation = 34.55

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 Reds Rocket Racers ReDGryffyN League owner Player has won The Finger award 431.75
2 Fast Peaches Disney 431.50
3 Scarlet Fantastico AV8ER 421.25
4 Wizzard Wizzard 416.50
5 Velocity Vultures Liesel Parris 406.75
6 Halliggye Blue Boys BigAl 390.50
7 Halliggye Royal Blues Alan Halford 387.50
8 Team Daffy MaDMavericK 364.50
9 Cameron Crew Cameron Crew Player has won the Slippery surface award 352.00
10 Pity Party Muncher Player has won the Bertaggia award 332.25

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • Slippery surface - awarded to any player who moves from first place to last place in the league.
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Reds Rocket Racers108.5083.50153.5086.25
Fast Peaches105.50101.00139.2585.75
Scarlet Fantastico97.00100.50141.2582.50
Velocity Vultures98.0085.50132.5090.75
Halliggye Blue Boys91.0085.5099.00115.00
Halliggye Royal Blues91.0091.00104.50101.00
Team Daffy98.7575.00110.0080.75
Cameron Crew91.50123.5053.5083.50
Pity Party96.0070.50106.2559.50