Reality F1 - Fantasy F1 competition

Team help

How do I create a team?

Full instructions can be found in the How to play section. Very briefly you need to register as a player and then need to pick two drivers and two cars within a set budget. You then score points based on the performance of the real life driver and cars at each F1 event of the season.


Why can't I afford the components I want?

We're surprised people ask this but they do... Reality F1 is a game and not a prediction competition. The idea is that you have to pick the best team within a set budget. The budget is the same for all players and you need to spend your budget wisely... the trick is balancing performance against cost.

Other competitions are available so, if you're looking for a straight prediction competition with no budgetary constraints, then Reality F1 isn't for you.


Can I change my team?

Yes, you can change your team during the season. In some fantasy F1 competitions you're stuck with the same team throughout the season but not Reality F1. If your team isn't doing very well then you can change it.

To change your team you need to log in and then go to the 'My team' section. In this section you can select 'Change team components' and change your team. Before the first race of the season you can change your team as many times as you want. After the first race you have three free changes. Further changes incur a 20 championship point penalty.

Your three free changes do not mean that you are limited to just changing one component at a time and that's one of your changes. You can change one or all of your team components at the same time and that's considered one change.

Team changes are only counted when your new team is 'raced'. For example, after the third race of the season you decide to make changes to your team. After a few days, and before the fourth race, you decide to make some more changes. When the fourth race takes place the team you use would be different from the team used for the third race and this counts as one change. If, after you'd made a change to your team you then decided to go back to your original team before the fourth race, as the team used in race three and race four were the same, this would not count as a change.

In short, you can change your team as much as you like between races and changes are only counted when you use your team in a race.


Are pit stop changes counted as one of my free changes?

No, pit stop strategy changes are free and you are encouraged to review your current strategy before every race. Predicting the correct pit stop strategy for all the races can earn you a significant number of points.


I've played Reality F1 for several seasons but my player profile doesn't include all the seasons I've contested

Reality F1 was re-written for the 2012 season and uses an entirely new code base. One of the key things we wanted to do with the new game was to allow users to compete over several seasons without having to keep re-registering each year. By playing over more than one season we can generate career stats for players and add an extra element to the game.

However, Reality F1 had been running for 11 years and we didn't want people who've played before to start brand new careers when we could re-analyse their performances to date. Unfortunately this presented a problem as players tend to use different email addresses, usernames and team names for different seasons.

We analysed all the data for the last 11 seasons and tried to match up data with specific players as they played year on year. It will be inevitable that we have missed some data because a player's data changed so much between seasons that we couldn't be sure it related to the same person.

If you find that you are missing data from a previous season then we may be able to re-analyse the data and restore any missing seasons. However, we can't promise we will be successful and you will also need to provide information to enable us to examine the data. If you are missing data then please contact us and let us know the player name, team name and the email address you used during the season you are missing data for.