Reality F1 - Fantasy F1 competition

Miscellaneous help

How are the scores calculated?

The scores are calculated based on the performance of the real life equivalents of your team components. Points are calculated based on qualifying and race performance in addition to you selecting the same pit stop strategy of the race winner (even if they are not in your team). There is a worked example of how the scores are calculated in the How to play section.


How soon after the race do the scores appear?

We try and post the scores within 24 hours of the end of the race (usually they go up more quickly). Scores remain provisional if there are any post-race investigations etc. following the real race.


Can you notify me when the scores are published?

If you log in and select 'Email options' you can opt to receive emails reminding you when a race is approaching and also notifying you when the scores are published. Alternatively, all players have an individual news feed that contains information about their performance. You can subscribe to this feed by following the icon next to your player's name on your public player profile page.


How is the Reality F1 world rank calculated?

The Reality F1 world rank is designed to benchmark all the players that have contested Reality F1 over the years. The rank is designed to identify players who have performed consistently well over several seasons. We calculate a 'world score' for all players by applying a multiplier to the championship scores of the player over the seasons they've contested and then sum all these scores. The rank is then calculated based on ordering all the players according to this score total.

The multipliers for calculating the world score are as follows:

  • Last season = 100% of the championship points scored
  • Season before last = 50% of the championship points scored
  • Three years ago = 30% of the championship points scored
  • Four to seven years ago = 10% of the championship points scored
  • All remaining seasons = 1% of the championship points scored

The world score and rank is intended to favour players that play Reality F1 for more than one season and do consistently well. If you have a poor season then this will cause you to rank lower, a good season will result in your rank improving. Players playing for the first time should be able to enter the rankings in the top 200-300 positions if they have a good first season. Consistency is the key to improving your rank.

Your world score and rank stay the same for an entire season. However, after each race your predicted world score and rank for next year will be calculated so you will be able to tell how your current performance in the competition affects your rank.

The predicted scores use the same multipliers but start with the current season; 100% of the current season's championship points, 50% of last season's points, 30% of the season's before that and so on.


What part of the site closes during the race weekend and when?

You are not allowed to change your team or pit stop strategy during a race weekend. The race weekend begins at midnight GMT on the Friday before a race and ends when the scores for the event are posted (usually within 24 hours of the race finishing).

During the race weekend you can log into your account and make other changes; restrictions are only imposed on anything that would affect your score from the event.


Why have you got medals?

Medals were suggested for the real F1 championship but were not adopted. We have decided to award (virtual) medals in Reality F1 to reward players who finish on the podium following a race. Medals provide an important game component as they allow players to close a gap on other players more quickly. This means that, for example, if your team performs poorly for the first few races of the season you could catch the competition leaders by changing your team and winning (or finishing on the podium) for a race or two.


I can't log in, it says I'm banned, why is this?

If you've been banned it's because you have done something that's not in keeping with the friendly spirit of Reality F1. It may be, for example, that you used an offensive word in your team name or biography. If you did something that caused you to be banned then I suspect you know what it was. Reality F1 doesn't enter in to any discussions regarding the reason why you've been banned nor do we discuss reinstatement.


I was receiving reminder/score emails but these have stopped, why is this?

Firstly, check your spam box and filtering settings to make sure the emails are not being accidentally filtered. If your email account has been rejecting/bouncing email then your mailing list settings may be changed so that no email is sent to you. If you log in to the player area then you can check the settings to make sure you are listed as receiving the reminder/score emails.


I love Reality F1 and want to pay to play...

Reality F1 is a FREE competition! Rather than pay to play please consider making a donation to one of the charities listed on the is it really free? page.

Reality F1 is about having fun and enjoying F1 and that's its primary aim. If you enjoy playing it then that's "job done" as far as I'm concerned.


Can I suggest new features?

Yes, please do by contacting me.

At the end of each season I run a survey for all players and ask for feedback. This helps me identify what areas of the game need my attention between seasons. However, don't feel you need to wait until the end of the season before you suggest changes. Drop me a line at any time as I can sometimes implement changes mid-season.


Can you build me a fantasy <insert name of sport> competition?

I run Reality F1 because it's fun for me and F1 is a sport I'm passionate about. Reality F1 is something I do when I'm not at work, being a husband, being a dad, doing DIY, being a trustee for a small charity or sleeping.... there's not much time for anything else.

You are, of course, welcome to contact me unless you want me to do a fantasy tennis competition ;-)