Reality F1 - Fantasy F1 competition

EDX - 2021 mini-league details League's news feed

League breakdown

League position = 12th
Average points = 2620.39
Standard deviation = 192.09

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 Need For Speed chub League owner Player has won the Keke award Player has won The Finger award Player has won the Red5 award 2751.00
2 Team Followers Asko Player has won the Keke award 2735.00
3 Kaanaa Canucks janne 2714.75
4 Ecurie PV Panu 2662.25
5 Arabian Oryx Racing MM 2657.38
6 Ian F1 Ian 2625.25
7 Catch me if you can Ally...w Player has won the Bertaggia award 2197.13

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • Keke - awarded to any player who spends half (or more) of the races in the top two positions of the league.
  • Red5 - awarded to any player who remains in first place in the league for five races in a row. (Secret award)
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Need For Speed134.50142.50101.00102.50120.25114.50132.50130.00136.5069.5089.0090.5052.50118.5061.0089.00147.00121.0095.50150.7563.00108.00139.25104.75107.50
Team Followers124.50152.50101.00102.50110.25102.50122.50134.50125.0082.5088.00102.0053.50115.0053.0076.00154.50116.5095.50150.7563.00108.00139.25104.75107.50
Kaanaa Canucks135.25118.75116.00107.50117.00112.00143.00115.50102.0059.00131.00136.5047.75120.0045.0069.50110.50105.0095.50132.00101.00122.50107.50111.50153.50
Ecurie PV115.50138.50106.5098.00114.00104.50148.00105.50127.5064.0093.50116.5062.75105.0060.0089.50140.00121.00112.00116.5051.0086.00104.00124.50158.00
Arabian Oryx Racing94.25146.25111.75107.50107.00112.00143.00105.50112.0056.00106.75100.2547.13138.2546.5077.75117.00105.00105.50122.00101.00122.50107.50111.50153.50
Ian F1126.00124.50109.5097.0095.50113.50117.00124.50102.0064.50123.50116.5045.00103.0053.0082.50120.00121.0098.75132.25103.50129.50101.50108.75112.50
Catch me if you can81.2587.7592.7582.75132.00135.7599.75108.2574.5070.0068.7573.2549.6392.7570.0074.5089.5083.50100.00118.2557.0093.50122.2555.7583.75