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Grass Lump Quango - 2019 mini-league details League's news feed

League breakdown

League position = 24th
Average points = 2328.06
Standard deviation = 116.02

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 Baby Formula Josur Player has won the Keke award Player has won The Finger award Player has won the Red5 award 2445.00
2 In the Pitts V Player has won the Keke award 2400.75
3 No KERS and Gurney Flaps Kieren Player has won the Bertaggia award 2274.75
4 henna's halfwits hennahairgel League owner 2191.75

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • Keke - awarded to any player who spends half (or more) of the races in the top two positions of the league.
  • Red5 - awarded to any player who remains in first place in the league for five races in a row. (Secret award)
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Baby Formula116.00132.00111.5091.50121.50124.75109.00108.50100.00149.50122.00111.25122.00109.00105.50121.00104.00125.50120.2599.75140.50
In the Pitts118.75122.25119.2599.25123.25105.00100.75120.2587.25104.7585.50104.25139.25143.2573.50126.00132.75120.50137.50109.25128.25
No KERS and Gurney Flaps113.0098.50115.7561.5082.5090.50106.00132.2595.50122.5072.0093.75124.50144.2598.75145.5094.00113.00103.00141.50126.50
henna's halfwits89.00113.75104.0091.75118.75109.50101.50109.0094.50131.2579.00121.5091.25105.5099.0091.7599.50107.00108.50126.2599.50