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ButterMeARollFoxy - 2024 mini-league details League's news feed

Championship standings for the ButterMeARollFoxy mini-league following race number 4 out of 24.
Last race: Japanese Grand Prix 2024


Only the finest buttered roll will do for our Foxy!

League breakdown

League position = 27th
Average points = 397.66
Standard deviation = 53.86

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 Zero KERS given Kieren League owner Player has won The Finger award 484.50
2 UnderACheever iansealy 465.25
3 Sargeant Sea-Otter Jim Martin 407.75
4 In the Pitts V 399.00
5 The Real Dava Racing David M 385.75
6 Stepping on the Gas(ly) Paddy H 351.25
7 Duffcub Racing PaulSm 346.00
8 Henna's Halfwits hennahairgel Player has won the Bertaggia award 341.75

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Zero KERS given120.25133.50110.00110.75
Sargeant Sea-Otter102.25106.2587.00112.25
In the Pitts87.0090.50121.00100.50
The Real Dava Racing95.7595.25109.7585.00
Stepping on the Gas(ly)101.7587.5083.7578.25
Duffcub Racing94.0091.5091.2569.25
Henna's Halfwits88.7583.5089.0080.50