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Cam7 - 2024 mini-league details League's news feed

Championship standings for the Cam7 mini-league following race number 4 out of 24.
Last race: Japanese Grand Prix 2024


Have I missed the point? Oh good!

League breakdown

League position = 23rd
Average points = 403.25
Standard deviation = 41.88

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 CB-Tech mic1000 Player has won The Finger award 506.50
2 McAlpine Cyril the Meatball 410.50
3 Loose Bolt Trevor 403.25
- Walrusport Wm_cam7 403.25
5 220 Racing carl_w 393.75
6 Harrier Racing Rach 393.00
7 The Real Dava Racing David M 385.75
8 Horner's Folly StressedDave 374.75
9 MegaMotors Adam League owner Player has won the Bertaggia award 358.50

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Loose Bolt115.0091.0096.50100.75
220 Racing102.0090.50114.7586.50
Harrier Racing90.5095.25120.7586.50
The Real Dava Racing95.7595.25109.7585.00
Horner's Folly101.00108.5081.5083.75