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FIA Yorkshire League - 2018 mini-league details League's news feed

  • League stats
    • Champ. contested: 5
    • Champ. won: 0
    • Best season: 2018 (2nd)
    • Worst season: 2015 (18th)
    • Previous seasons

League breakdown

League position = 2nd
Average points = 2502.75
Standard deviation = 250.24

Pos Team name Owner Points
1 Leighton Orient Andrew Leighton Player has won the Keke award Player has won the Lauda award 2719.75
- Cubsy's Cars PC Player has won the Lauda award 2719.75
3 5 Star Champion RachelC84 Player has won the Keke award Player has won The Finger award Player has won the Faster than you award Player has won the Red5 award 2686.25
4 Look But Never Stare Kirsty 2660.75
5 Cheddar Gorge Martin Elam 2574.25
6 Richard's Racers Richard H 2497.75
7 Va Va Voom Shelley 2488.75
8 Another long shot Annette Player has won the Bertaggia award 2093.25
9 My Mame Isn’t Earl Rick Steele League owner 2084.25

Star icon identifies the league owner.

Achievements won

  • Bertaggia - awarded to the player who spends the most races in last place.
  • Faster than you - awarded to any player who loses the lead of the league at the last race of the season. (Secret award)
  • Keke - awarded to any player who spends half (or more) of the races in the top two positions of the league.
  • Lauda - awarded to the first and second players in a league if, at the end of the season, their scores differ by just 0.5% of the leader's score. (Secret award)
  • Red5 - awarded to any player who remains in first place in the league for five races in a row. (Secret award)
  • The Finger - awarded to the player who spends the most races in first place in the league.

Race by race breakdown

Leighton Orient114.50111.50115.7598.50149.75134.75103.25142.25106.00109.00133.50140.75113.00120.50136.50151.50136.25127.00107.75143.75154.00
Cubsy's Cars114.50111.50115.7598.50149.75134.75103.25142.25106.00109.00133.50140.75113.00120.50136.50151.50136.25127.00107.75143.75154.00
5 Star Champion113.50129.50115.00121.00155.50144.75104.75144.00119.5099.00136.50119.50118.50102.50126.50154.25126.00131.50115.50137.00142.00
Look But Never Stare104.50111.50125.75108.50139.75134.75103.25142.25132.0084.00133.50116.7599.00123.00137.50166.50129.75124.00110.75154.75149.00
Cheddar Gorge115.50104.50113.75127.00136.75125.75118.25132.25122.0094.00133.50106.75109.00113.00127.50156.50119.75114.00120.75144.75139.00
Richard's Racers121.50104.00106.0094.50103.00145.25158.25113.50157.5090.5083.00110.50117.00106.00118.50142.75135.50112.00120.00123.00105.50
Va Va Voom95.25114.7599.25121.25110.25130.50123.25121.25173.7577.75109.0070.25125.50102.75126.25133.00124.25160.50150.75106.0093.25
Another long shot104.00114.5096.5094.2581.50101.0096.2579.00103.00157.7586.75106.50114.75113.2580.5076.5074.0091.75120.5069.00102.00
My Mame Isn’t Earl99.50113.25106.25115.2572.75101.7598.2599.25125.25128.25110.00117.7551.7592.25108.7578.7578.00118.50108.5077.0083.25