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2022 predicted rank: 1st

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2022 predicted score: 3,253.71

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Team name: Kaanaan Canucks (2010 season)

2010 team

Kaanaan Canucks
Driver 1Vettel
Driver 2Petrov
Car 1Red Bull Racing
Car 2Lotus

Race by race results breakdown

In 2010 RealityF1 included a cost cutting rule that awarded players 2 points per race for every £1M under budget the team was. These points are not shown separately in the data presented here but are part of the championship points values. Cost cutting points were a bad idea...

Event Team structure Race
Champ. pts
Driver 1 Driver 2 Car 1 Car 2 Stops
TeamM SchumacherKobayashiRed Bull RacingLotus1
BA29.005.0028.7523.501096.25096.25 (120)
AU16.005.0020.7514.001065.750162.00 (249)
MA7.006.0051.509.001083.500245.50 (315)
ChangeVettelPetrovRed Bull RacingLotus1Free
CH30.5042.0026.2515.500114.250359.75 (265)
SP38.0039.0045.256.5010138.750498.50 (174)
MO48.5018.0050.5011.0010138.000636.50 (119)
TU12.5015.0026.500.001064.000700.50 (182)
CA34.0012.0034.009.50089.500790.00 (198)
EU52.5011.5033.254.0010111.250901.25 (214)
GB27.5021.0039.7519.0010117.2501018.50 (219)
GE45.5025.0036.250.0010116.7501135.25 (193)
HU45.5034.0048.7525.0010163.2501298.50 (132)
BE10.0054.0027.259.000100.2501398.75 (141)
IT37.0036.0032.005.0010120.0001518.75 (124)
SI42.0018.0041.509.5010121.0001639.75 (118)
JA52.505.0049.7531.0010148.2501788.00 (104)
KO17.505.0015.7517.001065.2501853.25 (134)
BR52.009.5047.7512.5010131.7501985.00 (132)
AB52.5035.5036.7513.5010148.2502133.25 (120)

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